dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Hii guys,
I've uploaded a picture of a drawing made by myself. It's not very special and the woman has no feet and no head. But it's about the clothes, isn't it.
A few years ago a friend of mine (Fien) and I started to make some garments. It started about 5 years ago maybe 6 I don't know. she was -I think- twelve and I was eleven.The first thing we ever made was a pants with really wide pipes. When I think at these trousers I imagine a black pants with some orange elephants on it, back then it was one of my favourite pants! Now I think it's horrible. When I had the age of 13 and she the age of -I guess- 14, we made a top in a very striking fabric. It was green and shiny. After that I think we waited a few more years after we made a new piece. The second one was - if I'm not mistaken- euh a skirt. At that time I was still a pupil at Sint-Bavo ( A college where you had to wear a green uniform). So I made the skirt in an afwul green color, but the design was nice. The next hollidays we made a pencase out of a really old fabric that I found at the attic. We were inspired by an example in 'Mieke' a nice little vintage store (http://www.mieke.tv/). In the following holiday she didn't stay long at my place so we had to make something that would be ready in a couple of hours. We came up with an idea to by a tshirt and sew something on it. We both thought that bambi was very nice; but it had a lot of details on it so it was difficult to cut the parts of bambi out of a fabric. So our eye fell on a variant of bambi: Deery-Lou (one of Hello Kitty's friends). But unfortunately that T-shirt got stole when i was at the danceschool. After that we figured that we made almost everything but a dress. So we had to make a dress; we made it the same way as our skirt but much langer ofcourse. The last thing we made was in the Chirstmashollidays. It was a large T-shirt with Tinkerbell on it, we also bought the t-shirt and sewed Tink on it. Pictures will follow.

-Greets Lola

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  1. ik wou dat ik ook zelf kleren kon maken. een rokje en een kleedje for sure! ik wil da echt kunnen ;D

    bytheway ik heb ergens opgevangen dat ene mevrouw lola mij dat ooit wel zal leren.. x