zondag 8 februari 2009

Lazy Sunday

I made today some nice pictures of my pets. I have two rabits. We bought them about a year ago and we thought it were dwarf rabbits. But they continued to grow and now a year later they're very big but still cute. I knew my rabbit's name already before I bought her, I picked her because of her colour. She had a brwonish colour that looked like a pancake. Thay's why I called her panckaes (or Panny). Actually my inspiration came from The O.C. Summer's litlle rabbit was also called Pancakes. My sisters rabbit aka Chuky is very funny. She has a beard and some funny hair on her head. She looks a bit like an angora bunny but she isn't that hairy. A few years ago ( I think 5 or something ) we had a dog. My parents received it for their marriage. she was a German shepherd. When I was a little girl she used to ran over me. But she died and because we couldn't get a new dog we chose for rabbits.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. oh how cute those little rabbits!
    I didn't know your parents got Kasper for their marriage, so now I do. What's a blog useful, isn't it ;D
    greets to panniedear (L)

  2. Ooh hoe lief dat panny dat vroeg :D
    zeg maar dat het niet zooo lang meer zal duren voor ze mij terugziet.