vrijdag 6 februari 2009



My name is Lola, I live in Belgium particularly in Gent.
I'm 15 years old but i can't wait for my 16th Bday because that means partypartyparty !
After my best friend Zowiee moved to Spain, it became less interesting in Belguim.
Although we didn't go to the same schoolwe saw each other every friday.
We were fantasising about going out and stuff.
Zowie is by the way the reason why I made this Blog.
Enough about Zowie and something more about my hobbies and other stuff.
I would like study fashion; 'cause i want to be something like a designer later on.
I like to draw and design my very own clothes.

I will try to post a message every day from now on, but I promise nothing.
Let's hope you all will enjoy reading my blog.
Have Fun!


1 opmerking:

  1. and here is your very first comment! (feels like you're already famous in blogland, hea? ;p)
    ii really hope you will write a (little) piece of text every day, and also post pics because i would like looking at them.
    i wish you the very best with your blog!

    Zowie X