maandag 16 februari 2009


I think it's been a really long time, isn't it ?
I'm searching my first prom dress! The 20the of March is the date of my schools prom.
So I do have some time to seach it, but the problem is where will I find it ?
I'm looking for a dress with a vintage-style or one with pearls! I've already looked for one at asos ( I did find some nice dresses but they weren't cheap. I know that a prom dress isn't the most cheap garment...
The maximum I want to pay for a dress will be about a houndred euro's because I think a part will be payed by my parents. The 26the of February I'm going to London (with my school)so maybe I'll find there my unique dress. We have only one afternoon to shop at the Oxfordstreet that's not much I know but better than nothing. We're also going to visit Mme Tussauds, I think that'll be fun!
Here are a few examples for a prom dress:

American Retro Silk Bustier Pleat Detail DressGoldie Bead Bow Neck Detail Chiffon Dress

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i like the first one, although white doesn't fit me xD

    I would like to be in your place, my dear. with all those fantastic proms and parties, why can't i be there. . .

  2. i also think it's been a very long time, isn't it ' :D


  3. me neither (:

    it's going to be supahnice! xx